Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Waldemar Brodkorb f20249d4a7 busybox: fix hwclock compile with musl, from busybox ml 2 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb aba7df7865 proxychains-ng: new package 3 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb e90a04c52f elf2flt: switch to tar.gz 3 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 9085fc564d gdb: switch to tar.gz 4 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 27b728c531 gcc: switch to tar.gz 4 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb e268459761 binutils: switch to tar.gz 5 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 0813cbdd14 uclibc-ng: use tar.gz instead of tar.xz 5 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 520180c6b2 tor: update to 5 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb be2dff6a06 dropbear: update to 2024.84 5 days ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 40292c51f9 use gunzip instead of xz 1 week ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 61529d3eb3 avoid xz where possible 1 week ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb f89d075247 xz: downgrade because of backdoor 1 week ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb d3dad393dc riscv: enable Linuxthreads 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 6bc115f641 uclibc-ng: update to 1.0.47 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 63affde2dd linux: update LTS kernel 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 5487692c1f perl: update to 5.38.2 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 3cfbc5692f openvpn: update to 2.6.10 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 66ff7065d6 libressl: update to 3.8.3 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb f60e1684ec zlib-ng: new package 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb e5da790197 openssh: update to 9.7p1 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb d0e1dc4bd2 strace: update to 6.8 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 0dc0007d6c elf2flt: add HOST_PATH, reported by sorear 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb b0f924a158 riscv64: fix noMMU tests, this seems a kernel bug, suggested by sorear 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb d25d7dc892 add missing CFLAGS for -O1 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 208f29eb14 riscv64: enable uClibc-ng ctors for noMMU config 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 4ba59fa35d elf2flt: fix alignment for riscv64 with ctors enabled in uClibc-ng, suggested by sorear 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 37294a09eb riscv64: add rv32imafdc/rv64imafdc 3 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb ab2b5c8746 openssl: fix riscv32 linking 3 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 4f7d7c7690 riscv64: uclibc-ng enable ctor/dtor 3 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb e35c69989d riscv64: enable FPU 3 weeks ago