Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Waldemar Brodkorb 816b11357d update kodi task, alsa is broken atm 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb aaadf4d4b5 install dtb files in overlay dir 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 13f1db31a1 update rpi kernel 2 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 393791e65e alsa-utils: update to 1.2.10 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb a25389a4af alsa-lib: update to 1.2.10 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb c0fbc5d0be add common-clk symbol 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 7bddc01539 add VC4/V3D GPU support for raspberry pi4 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 9b39a14cfb disable module compression 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 7067b879df reduce mini.config 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb c37cb1bea3 kodi: update to 20.2 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb c060f5354f bcm28xx-vc: update to latest 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb dc7d660aaa enable package creation for udev, too 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 42ea333128 add dtoverlay for vc4/v3d gpu driver 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb a955bf24c6 taglib: update to 1.13.1 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 41ae8438de reduce mini.config 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 0699b44124 libxslt: update to 1.1.38 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 2cc00cc426 fix mini.config for rpi_64 4 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 7a1ed5a1a4 u-boot: update to 2023.07.02 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 56d10b3b3b linux: update to 6.5.5 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 931bb15a93 smt32f746g: 6.1.x works, too 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 58b527a764 stm32f746g: disable networking, enable 32 Bit compat 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 749f9071a0 elf2flt: use latest git for sh2 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb d25142ce81 numato-mimasv2: kernel 5.10 latest working kernel 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 0d197aaf09 strace: update to 6.5 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 13133993f1 gdb: update to 13.2 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb bee48ba46d libgpg-error: update to 1.47 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 2869779aae linux: remove upstreamed patch 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb bd4c1685e7 linux: update to 6.1.53, remove 6.4 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 0ea0376baf openssh: update to 9.4p1 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 34a4a1a0f7 libtasn1: update to 4,19,9 2 months ago