1. OpenADK is Copyright © 2008-2020 Waldemar Brodkorb <>
  2. All rights reserved.
  3. This licence file covers all of the OpenADK meta distribution
  4. source code (including Makefiles and documentation).
  5. Binary firmware images are composed of the meta distribution
  6. OpenADK and downloaded distfiles from third party sources,
  7. which may be covered by various differing licence terms, but
  8. since the firmware image only aggregates differently licenced
  9. packages on the same medium we believe it is redistributable
  10. as long as the licences of the different packages are honoured.
  11. OpenADK itself is developed by Waldemar Brodkorb and covered
  12. by the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later, as shown
  13. in the file COPYING in this directory. Individual files may be
  14. covered by the LGPL or BSD-style licences instead. OpenADK also
  15. contains tools that are possibly covered by non-GPL-compatible,
  16. but OSD/DFSG-compliant, licences.
  17. OpenADK is based upon several other projects which are listed
  18. below, in no particular order. If you think you should be listed
  19. here but I have forgotten you, please forgive and drop
  20. me an email.
  21. • The FreeWRT Project
  22. • The OpenWrt Project
  23. • The Buildroot Project
  24. • The Aboriginal Linux Project
  25. • The MirOS Project and contributors