Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Yann Sionneau 672a303852 kvx: add support for kvx arch to uClibc-ng 3 years ago
  Guo Ren 358b7807d7 MAINTAINERS: add Mao Han for CSKY 5 years ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb a3f6c0c836 add Stafford as OpenRisc Maintainer, agreed on IRC 6 years ago
  Guo Ren 2fcffe26e8 csky: port to uclibc-ng 6 years ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 1be111b405 MAINTAINERS: add Matthew Fortune for MIPS 7 years ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 5427b1a0a6 Add nds32 maintainers 8 years ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 14b15ceb1e add MAINTAINERS information 8 years ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb ef0e534fda remove text files not useful for uClibc-ng 9 years ago
  austinf 00ebae02f6 fix compilation of linuxthreads for sparc 15 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 2ca8d4fe65 Updated email address for Hans-Christian Egtvedt, AVR32 maintainer. 16 years ago
  Carmelo Amoroso 391f8995af Add myself as co-maintainer of SH4, specifically for NPTL pthread library and TLS dynamic linker support 16 years ago
  Haavard Skinnemoen fec0020339 Add myself as co-maintainer for the AVR32 architecture 16 years ago
  Chris Zankel 684b831f6e Add myself as the maintainer for the Xtensa architecture. 16 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 0da018f1d4 Added Hans-Christian Egtvedt as maintainer for the AVR32 architecture 16 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 493399107e update my e-mail address 16 years ago
  Mike Frysinger f98cea0714 steal bfin maintainership from erik 18 years ago
  Mike Frysinger c429bf3057 import files from glibc for an ia64/static port 18 years ago
  "Jan-Benedict Glaw" 0934f14203 First round of VAX patches. This isn't complete right now, there are for 18 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 13e9f4cfbd Tobias no longer works for axis 18 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 2e642f561e add note about HPPA 18 years ago
  Paul Mundt 6e6fe788e8 Fix platform URLs, though I'm sure rmk has enjoyed the extra traffic.. 19 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 29fd7a9e09 rename the Status categories to things actually used and sneak more whitespace fixes in too 19 years ago
  Eric Andersen 94ef7733d2 Fix wierd mix of tabs and spaces 19 years ago
  Eric Andersen bc15d99cac Add an initial pass at a maintainers list 19 years ago