Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Waldemar Brodkorb 3f1c2ffd2f bump to 1.0.32 for release 1 day ago
  mirabilos 9684c27843 Fix value for O_mask_was_saved based on gdb observation 1 week ago
  mirabilos 81ebf8bc1d sparc64: Make structure match kernel uapi 1 week ago
  mirabilos 1a0a6bd7d3 sparc64: Use the jmpbuf-offsets.h header instead of duplicating it 1 week ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb d05b08ccf9 aarch64: sync with glibc code to see any differences in a better way 6 days ago
  Stafford Horne 0fcfaee3e1 or1k: Fix compiling with PIC and latest binutils use PLT for __syscall_error 1 month ago
  Kjetil Oftedal 3538ba34e0 malloc: Add missing locks for some paths (valloc/memalign/posix_memalign) 3 weeks ago
  Adhemerval Zanella 7ed8c421f7 PowerPC: Fix termios definitions 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 8bcbb7f318 Revert "package/uclibc: fix termios redefinition issue for PowerPC" 1 month ago
  Vadim Kochan 14c36638c1 package/uclibc: fix termios redefinition issue for PowerPC 1 month ago
  Petar Jovanovic e94e6f4bd9 mips: avoid calling memcpy() from memmove() for MIPS arch 3 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 028d28e6a9 Fix header installation for recent 64-only arch 3 months ago
  Christoph Hellwig 721f0983ea riscv: clear a3/a4 in crt1 3 months ago
  Christoph Hellwig ed495bf14d riscv: add the MAP_UNINITIALIZED definition 3 months ago
  Denys Vlasenko 4f506bb95a fix opendir, fpathconf and ttyname_r to use fstat64(), not fstat() 3 months ago
  Yann Sionneau f93b43e4d1 Fix compilation issue when libuargp is compiled without __UCLIBC_HAS_PROGRAM_INVOCATION_NAME__ 4 months ago
  Petar Jovanovic 785dee7855 mips: fix memmove() call when __ARCH_HAS_BWD_MEMCPY__ is not defined 5 months ago
  Romain Naour c2eaf6c30d sparc: remove asm constraint 4 months ago
  Max Filippov 423e49023e preadv/pwritev: fix offset argument type 5 months ago
  Max Filippov b56bd48981 xtensa: don't use l32r opcode explicitly 5 months ago
  Max Filippov 30b85d43a7 docs/defines.txt: clarify LFS-related macros 5 months ago
  Konstantin Vasin 89873385e4 Fix build with SUPPORT_LD_DEBUG_EARLY enabled 6 months ago
  Yann Sionneau df82d659c3 Fix _dl_deallocate_tls in !SHARED case 6 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 018ef9e16a Fix TLS allocation and loading in !SHARED case 6 months ago
  Eugene Yudin 5efc10d24e Fix NULL pointer dereference in open_memstream() 7 months ago
  Guo Ren ac48ce2b5c csky: Add EM_CSKY for ldso 9 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 365d19dfec fix issues in ethers.c 10 months ago
  Max Filippov 51e75b3983 xtensa: add custom bits/poll.h 10 months ago 7b1c4fa9bd several patches for uclibc ng 10 months ago
  Guo Ren 358b7807d7 MAINTAINERS: add Mao Han for CSKY 10 months ago