Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Yann Sionneau ca958dc21e powerpc: fix PIE/PIC builds with newer gcc/binutils which use secureplt by default 1 month ago
  Thomas Petazzoni 85ac4f04d9 include/sys/personality.h: resync with glibc 3 months ago
  Peter Seiderer 12f6282b6b libpthread/nptl: create timer thread with sufficiant stack size (account for TLS) 3 months ago
  Nicolas Cavallari 221f2898b9 open: Add support for O_TMPFILE 3 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 2bf4991c4d bump version for 1.0.38 release 4 months ago
  Paul Cercueil 9efce41dd3 fcntl.h: Make F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC if _USE_XOPEN2K8 5 months ago
  Paul Cercueil 0daab15083 string.h: Make strdup() available if _USE_XOPEN2K8 5 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 0c2d4b17f9 riscv64: sync ldso relocations with or1k, fixes 5 testsuite errors 5 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb aca82e0eba use renameat2 syscall, when renameat isn't available 6 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 008687f5f6 fix umount2 compilation for alpha on Linux 5.x 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Le Gourriérec 9409593333 sh: Add 64-bit time types from kernel 6 months ago
  Max Filippov a1e920215e extra/locale: fix gen_wc8bit diagnostic output 6 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb ab1dd83bec bump to 1.0.37 7 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb c08a447cbb GNU hash style support disable for MIPS 7 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 015d5b8c1a stdlib: fix potential UB and integer overflow with huge allocations using malloc-simple allocator 7 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 6993d93782 libcrypt: add missing errno.h header 8 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 2f6076cdaa libcrypt: set_errno to something valid 8 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 27b5b58381 hasmntopt: better option matching 9 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb b335e9d7de bump version to 1.0.36 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 672a303852 kvx: add support for kvx arch to uClibc-ng 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 4acf6f072c Fix warning due to unused label in NPTL 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau e5739032a8 Fix warning due to relaxed function declaration prototype 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau f3e08e7fa2 Fix warning due to unused variable in strlen 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau b1c3d18204 Fix warning about macro redefinition 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 9f54321e2e Fix warning about missing const qualifier 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 05c39a2243 Fix unused variable warning in dl-startup.c 10 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb cc2b7bf5dd Support b64_ntop(), b64_pton() (bsd-compat) 10 months ago
  Yann Sionneau 50bd6d06e3 Fix memory corruption due to struct stat field 10 months ago
  Damien Le Moal 08d46f1ce2 librt: avoid compilation error 10 months ago
  Damien Le Moal b1ed80b54e utils/getconf: Fix compilation error 10 months ago