Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Waldemar Brodkorb b19f8f3609 gettimeofday: fix static build 3 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb abf6002032 bump version for 1.0.43 release 1 month ago
  Elliot Thomas 4d69fcb985 Emulate 'futimesat' when __NR_futimesat is not available. 2 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 9d549d7bc6 riscv64: fix linking with binutils 2.40 3 months ago
  linted b53a767cb5 Defined MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE 4 months ago
  linted 60f1d7cff4 Fix for CVE-2022-29503. 4 months ago
  Evgeniy Manachkin 40f4a56f43 Add lost includes. Fix add getauxval() implementation. 4 months ago
  ramin 45dffe427d gettimeofday() vdso support 5 months ago
  ramin cf4f6ace3e sycall macro for vdso support 5 months ago
  ramin d869bb1600 add getauxval() implementation 5 months ago
  Evgeniy Manachkin ff95fddd7b uclibc-ng: fix overflow warning when compiling string/strchr in ILP32 mode on MIPS. 6 months ago 0a5466d8d5 RISC-V 32-bit support 6 months ago
  linted 9e854172e2 Static pie support for ppc 7 months ago
  Pavel Kozlov 663b8a0497 arc: add optimized string functions for ARCv3 7 months ago
  Sergey Matyukevich de6be7bc60 arc: add support for ARCv3 32-bit processors 8 months ago
  Sergey Matyukevich a7c587f5cd arc: add asm macros 8 months ago
  Sergey Matyukevich d6bf27d0a4 ldso: arc: add compiler option check 8 months ago
  Sergey Matyukevich aa9e34c70f arc: minor cleanup for ARCv2 8 months ago
  linted 0f2cede0fa Added some documentation on how to add static-pie support to the porting guide 8 months ago
  Max Filippov 0c979facbd xtensa: add static pie support 8 months ago
  Max Filippov 191c0acf07 xtensa: drop ARCH_NEEDS_BOOTSTRAP_RELOCS 8 months ago
  Max Filippov e260620eb4 xtensa: ldso: make GOT protection adjustment conditional 8 months ago
  Max Filippov fc4d8e59e9 ldso: clean up PERFORM_BOOTSTRAP_GOT ifdeferry 8 months ago
  Max Filippov ffd84a0f60 static pie: fix building static PDE 8 months ago
  Max Filippov 1ac7bf149b nptl: use mmap to allocate initial TLS data for static PIE on noMMU 8 months ago
  linted 365da5ab37 Added support for creation of Static Position-Independent Executables (PIE) on mips 9 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb d46709504e bump version for 1.0.42 release 9 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb b1638b692b fix ARCH_NATIVE_BIT for aarch64 9 months ago
  linted 3e14288eaa Added support for creation of Static Position-Independent Executables (PIE) on aarch64 10 months ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb 52b67ddcf6 resource.h: add missing RUSAGE_THREAD 9 months ago