Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Waldemar Brodkorb 8a73a967e1 statfs.h: sync generic header with glibc 2 weeks ago
  Volodymyr Boyko fa9cfbfcb7 Defined INLINE_SYSCALL_NOERR_NCS in mips/bits/syscalls.h 3 weeks ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb cbfdb7abf4 bump for release 1.0.31 1 month ago
  Christophe Lyon b2db04d0a8 Add support for Thumb-only processors. 1 month ago
  Petr Vorel 1b41063f40 time.h: Add CLOCK_TAI 1 month ago
  Carlos Santos 89addcbf98 mkostemp64: clear flags, as mkostemp does 1 month ago
  Evgeniy Didin 447f72b8ef ARC: Accommodate TLS fix in Binutils 1 month ago
  Waldemar Brodkorb f2aac995e7 do not expose recvmmsg/sendmmsg for unsupported kernels 1 month ago
  Guo Ren e550b5c085 bugfix renameat2 wrong implement. 3 months ago
  Segev Finer f664078e0f wordexp: Fix the usage of the internal _itoa function 3 months ago
  Guo Ren 85baf42330 sched_setaffinity: use the same style with glibc's 4 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 13c46fbc1e rtld: Avoid crash on R_ARM_NONE relocation 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 1a2cdf20c9 Fix shm_open posix compliance error code 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon e54692f524 mbtowc: Fix non compliant behavior for end of string 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon d53bc3437f isnan: Add isnan weak alias to __isnan 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon b5ec02b92c Fix htab_delete loop counter 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon a7d538fddb nptl threads: Fix bug in using a weak variable. 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 0f4ddec32e nptl: Replace sbrk with mmap 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 13fcd46ea7 nptl: Clear TLS area for static binaries. 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 606a8b28e4 nptl: Use vfork on MMU-less for system() 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 961c229bd1 nptl: Add pthread_mutex_getprioceiling and pthread_mutex_setprioceiling support 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon a20c0b71dc nptl: Allow sem_open to work on MMU-less systems 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 7f07872b8a nptl: Use linker-defined symbol to find start of .tdata section. 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 4d6b4178c8 nptl: Do not use madvise 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon eae96c1e2b nptl: Disable fork and atfork on MMU-less systems. 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 5b9a9801a4 nptl: disable mprotect usage in stack protection 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon fcecd012a6 rtld: Initialize _dl_error_catch_tsd without FUNCDESC relocation 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon 69634db934 rtld: Use ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_DLSYM 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon f81c99217f enable NPTL on TARGET_arm 5 months ago
  Christophe Lyon bb982429e7 arm/clone.S: Fix threading support 5 months ago