Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bernhard Reutner-Fischer 6ff9c31abc utmp: favour POSIX utmpx over SVID utmp 7 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 266bdc1f62 Replace FSF snail mail address with URLs 9 years ago
  Bernhard Reutner-Fischer 11975abb2c - remove old-style definitions. No object-code changes. 14 years ago
  Peter S. Mazinger 6f2aa010fb Convert to hidden_def 16 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 26340613a0 sync with glibc 16 years ago
  Peter S. Mazinger e2d30731f8 Use internal hidden versions of __login_tty/__openpty 16 years ago
  Eric Andersen a3e03be058 Add in libutil, based on Cory Visi's variant of Michael Shmulevich's libutil 21 years ago