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Embedded Test Framework

This is the third incarnation of my embedded test framework.

It started with the concrete idea of musl libc author Rich Felker
on the musl-libc mailing-list.

After that I implemented musl-test-framework which is no longer
available online. It was just to test musl. The next incarnation
was adk-test-framework, which tries to be more flexible regarding
what project should be tested (offline).

Both solutions required binary kernel and initramfs for the Qemu
runtime tests and toolchains for compiling.

The third incarnation now uses OpenADK to build a toolchain,
the base system and the C library. Then it runs either a
libc test suite, the ltp project or a native compile of a toolchain.
More tests can be implemented later.

A full build without any options needs 320 GB of disk space.
All combinations of C library and architectures are built.

Have fun