Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter S. Mazinger fae4a58325 paths.h: add _PATH_GSHADOW 11 years ago
  Peter S. Mazinger 9a9fe3ad32 sync some headers and disable unused prototypes 12 years ago
  Peter S. Mazinger 005d20f04d Sync up w/ glibc 16 years ago
  Manuel Novoa III 20d8808116 Optionally support the struct tm extension fields. 19 years ago
  David McCullough 5433dd6660 19 years ago
  Eric Andersen 6cb1c53fa0 Per "Marshall M. Midden" <>, remove double 20 years ago
  David McCullough 6e6be1e59f 20 years ago
  David McCullough 2345725967 20 years ago
  Eric Andersen e83a36ce9f Rev all the header files to sync things with glibc 2.2.4 20 years ago
  David McCullough 7e79b9d3ab 21 years ago
  Erik Andersen 64bc641218 Initial revision 22 years ago